The Siren Dragons girls basketball team was able to contain the outside shooting of West Lakeland Conference rivals Grantsburg at a contest on Friday, Jan. 7, in Siren, winning 54-40 in a back-and-forth game that could have gone either way, it seemed.  

The Dragons had a notable night from junior Lindsay Liljenberg, who was on fire from the floor, racking up 28 points in the game, including four three-pointers and six-for-six shooting from the charity stripe. Liljenberg led all scorers for the night and kept the Dragons ahead the entire way.

Grantsburg was able to convert six three-pointers on the night, which kept them in the hunt. Pirate senior Cate Lee led her squad in scoring with 12 points, with 11 points from Madison Schafer to add to the mix, including three from three-point range.

Siren had a slight lead at the half, 25-20, but they kept the Pirates contained on the perimeter and extended their lead in the second frame, assuring a conference win.