Business Meeting of the Board of Education

School District of Grantsburg

Minutes from September 13, 2021

President Dave Dahlberg called the meeting to order. Present: Dave Dahlberg, Renae Rombach, Chris Erickson, Russ Erickson, and Brian Handy. Absent: Dan Ohnstad and Jason Burkman.

Agenda Revisions: Remove Kyle Ewing from Consent Item #5 as he no longer desires consideration for hire.

Appearances: None.

Motion C. Erickson/R. Erickson to approve the School Board minutes from August 23, 2021. Motion carried 5-0.

Received Reports

Finance Committee will meet Monday, September 20, 2021 at Noon.

WASB Regional Meeting will be held at the Spooner Civic Center on September 29, 2021. Dave Dahlberg, Dan Ohnstad, Russ Erickson and Josh Watt are attending.

The principals shared the Good News.

The 2021-2022 school year began with a smooth and successful start. Congratulations to all staff with milestones this year!

Consent Items

Motion Rombach/C. Erickson to grant exceptions to Policy 883, Relations with Community Activities and Families, allowing the WI DNR ATV Safety and Snowmobile Safety classes and the Community Yoga class to meet on Sundays and Wednesdays respectively. Motion carried 5-0.

Motion Rombach/Dahlberg to approve the GSD District Crisis Manual. Motion carried 5-0.

Motion C. Erickson/Rombach to accept the resignation of James Sesing, iForward PE Teacher with liquidated damages of $3000, the standard now set for resignations after August 1. Motion carried 5-0.

Motion Rombach/Dahlberg to accept the resignation of Liz Brock, GMS Aide. Motion carried 5-0.

Motion Rombach/ R. Erickson to approve the hiring of Melissa Woods, iForward Student Advisor, full-time-10 month position; and Rhonda Claremboux, iForward Student Advisor, full-time-10 month position. Motion carried 5-0.

Motion Rombach/C. Erickson to approve the transfer of Wendy Swenson from iForward Student Advisor to GMS Special Education Aide. Motion carried 5-0. Board members discussed and determined that transfers of in-house employees do not need to come before the Board for approval, but can be at the discretion of the Administrator.

Fiscal Report/Receipts Report: August 2021. Motion C. Erickson/Rombach to approve the September 2021 vouchers for payment. Specific check numbers are: #20665-#20671 and #82455-#82660. Motion carried 5-0. Specific expenditures per fund:

Fund 10 (General) = $ 499,901.53

Fund 21 (Scholarship) = $

Fund 27 (Special Education) = $ 45,128.98

Fund 50 (Food Service) = $ 25,204.12

Fund 60 (All School Fund) = $ 3,884.71

Fund 80 (Community Ed) = $ 743.27

$ 574,862.61

Motion Rombach/Handy to adjourn. Motion carried 5-0.


(Oct. 13)