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I’m writing to you today to bring awareness to all Burnett County property owners of a key decision that will be made in October regarding campgrounds and RV Parks in Burnett County.   

Last week, the Burnett County Land Use & Information Committee voted unanimously in support of updated rules for campgrounds and RV Parks. I would like to publicly thank the Campground Work Group and Jason Towne, the Land Services Director at Burnett County, for their time and hard work writing the updated rules and to also thank the Burnett County Land Use & Information Committee for their unanimous vote. 

The key decision for final approval will be made on Thursday, October 21, 2021 at the Burnett County Board of Supervisors meeting. I support these updated rules and ask the Burnett County Board of Supervisors to approve them.  

The reason I’m speaking out is that I care about maintaining the lakes, nature and quietness in this beautiful and pristine area that my family has been fortunate enough to enjoy for the past 60 years (54 years as property owners).  

After the expansion of a nearby campground, I’ve experienced increased traffic (doubled to tripled), increased speeding, increased littering, disruption of quiet times both day and night, deterioration to the boat landing due to power loading and increase in dead fish floating in the lake.  

We all need to do our part to support and protect the pristine area, lakes and environment, which is the reason we all have come to this area to enjoy. Collectively, it is our responsibility to ensure that there is no lasting damage to this area that is irreversible, and we should all support improving and modifying ordinances, rules and regulations to help achieve this.   

Therefore, I encourage all property owners to reach out to the Board of Supervisors and ask them to approve the updated campground rules.  

Karla Graham 

Town of Webb Lake