We got a couple of unique and great pups in this week, and they are ready to find their new homes. First, we have Thomas. This stunning two-year-old American Pit Bull Terrier mix (mastiff?) is a big playful boy who just wants attention and love. Thomas is a big boy and very strong, because of his size we suggest a home with no small children. Thomas is also a leaner, if you’re standing still, he will lean into you and if your feet aren’t set will push you around. We will be working with Thomas on his manners. This handsome guy is sure to be the center of attention wherever he goes.

Next is Adele, a beautiful husky mix. Adele was an unclaimed stray and came by her name honestly. This gale can sing! She has even managed to get the other pups to harmonize. Adele, like Thomas just needs a home that will pay attention to her. Coming in at a trim 60 lbs. she certainly appears to be very athletic. If you are familiar with huskies, you know they need a fenced yard or a secure tie out as they tend to wander if not given enough exercise.

Remember our SNAP (Spay and Neuter All Pets) program is still going on for cats. Please see our website for more details.

Our next event will be the Taste of Siren on Nov. 6. Keep your eyes open for more information in the coming weeks.


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