Peter Kwong

While most states are paying $7.25 minimum wage, but those working in restaurants as servers got the shorter end of it. Just because they are ‘tipped employee’, most restaurant owners only pay those workers $2.13 an hour, claiming the tips that they received are more than the minimum wage. So, are tips really ‘free’ money? Even though the government claim that it is and demand that this ‘free money’ should be taxed. So, what are tips anyway? And why the fuzz over it?

In short, ‘TIPS’ translates as ‘To Insure Proper Service’. And what is ‘proper service’? After spending many years in the hospitality industry, I think I am qualified to further detail the definition of ‘proper service’. Most servers think that if they take the customers’ orders correctly, and serve the entrees in a timely manner, they have done their job. Yes, those steps are important, but they are only part of it. It is demanding work in being a server. I should know, as I was worked as a waiter in a steak house before I graduated. It was the tips that helped me paid for my education. It was hard work but it was also fun.