New Technology is Ushering in an Era of Sustainable Trucking

(StatePoint) At a time when the ongoing fight against climate change has never been more critical, and new federal efforts are being made to address systemic environmental justice issues, automotive industry insiders say that a recent engineering breakthrough could usher in an era of cleaner, more sustainable trucking.

In a recent real-world demonstration, heavy-duty, Class 8 fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs), jointly designed by Toyota Motor North America and Kenworth Truck Company, have been proven to offer a viable zero emission alternative to diesel fuel. The hydrogen-powered T680 FCEV has a range of 300-plus miles when fully loaded to 82,000 pounds, and with no downtime for charging, and a short 15- to 20-minute fill time, it could run multiple shifts a day, covering up to 400 to 500 miles.