Visible progress is being made on the extensive construction of the Webster School athletic complexes to the east of the high school.

The new football/track stadium bleachers and press box have been installed, and drone footage reveals the extent of the project(s), which includes a new parking lot, landscaping, athletic fields, access pathways, as well as storm water control for the new project areas, which also includes new parking at the football/track complex. 

The interior of the school is also undergoing an extensive bit of renovation, and has hallways filled with furniture and equipment as the process moves ahead in preparation for school re-opening in the coming weeks.

District administrator Jim Fimreite outlined the projects in a release that also updates the projects.

“The Webster School District has been kicking up some dust with its recent construction projects,” Fimreite said. “The district is in the process of constructing the Tiger Manufacturing addition and designing a new parking lot at the 5-12 building, renovating the Elementary School bathrooms, and updating the athletic field. These projects are expected to finish before school starts in September.”

Fimreite also updated other aspects of the project, which was part of a $6.5-million referendum question voters approved last year.     

“We’ve been fortunate to stay on schedule and within budget throughout this project, especially with a worldwide pandemic impacting material costs and availability,” Fimreite said. “The dust will settle in a few short weeks, and students will benefit from the recent upgrades.”

The current construction projects make up ‘phase one’ of the referendum scope of work. Fimreite said that some of the other projects, such as upgrading the Webster Elementary School parking lot, will be tackled next summer during the second phase. He said CESA 10 is serving as the construction manager and Hoeft Builders as the general contractor for the $6.5 million project.

Fimreite noted the specifics of phase one:

Athletic Fields and 5-12 Parking Lot Renovation

Improvements to the athletic field include updates to football and baseball fields, resurfacing and adding two lanes to the track, replacing scoreboards and lighting, relocating pole vaulting and jumping events, constructing a new grandstand, paving the football field parking lot and addressing drainage issues. Parking lot renovations include redesigning separate parent and bus drop-off locations and adding parking stalls.

Elementary School Bathroom and Health Office Updates

The district is updating the Elementary School bathroom with larger partitions to achieve ADA compliance and modern fixtures and finishes. A toilet is also being installed in the Health Office to accommodate ill students.

Shop Area Construction and Renovation

The district is also constructing a shop addition with new equipment to expand the Career and Tech Ed area. The District will also renovate existing rooms into a ‘makerspace’ to allow for pending project work for students.

Fimreite said all of the phase one projects should be complete by the time school starts this fall.