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Andrea Yezek

SIREN––Monday was Andrea Yezek’s first day on the job as the new Executive Director for the Siren Chamber of Commerce. She is excited to work in a community she knew growing up.

Yezek is originally from Danbury and a 2010 Webster High School graduate. She recently graduated from UW-Superior with a degree in communication and legal studies

She describes herself as a jill-of-all-trades.

“I’m really like a chameleon,. I can adapt to different situations,” Yezek stated. “I know how to wear many different hats.”

“And you’re gonna need that skill,” Chris Moeller said. Moeller is transitioning from the position to focus more on economic development for the Chamber.

“I will be the Economic Development Director at the Siren Chamber of Commerce,” Moeller said.

The Chamber began looking at the position since January and knew the economic development position was growing too large for her to handle both roles.

“Instead of moving forward with smaller initiatives we want to take a step back and look at our organization,” Moeller said. She added they’ll be reaching out to the community to find out how to best serve the Siren area.

Yezek said she plans on building upon the foundation that Moeller has laid over the last decade.

“Chris has worked extremely hard for 10 years to build this organization into what it is today,” Yezek said.

Last year, the Chamber received tourism grant money to have a series of videos made. Those seasonal videos included features on winter, summer, Fourth of July and Gandy Dancer Fly-In/Drive-In. The Chamber is also working on one for the Wedding Fair. They plan on applying for similar grants when the application process begins.

Moeller added that the Chamber will continue working with the County and the Burnett County Tourism Coalition.

“Our thinking is, and will continue to be that we are stronger when we work together,” Moeller said.

“I’m really excited to take this position,” Yezek said. “Being that I grew up here, I always felt like this area has so much potential. It’s really rewarding to come back in the hopes of making a difference.”

Following graduation, Yezek worked for UW-Superior’s music department as a conference and event manager. She compares higher education to tourism as both rely on recruitment.

“It’s all about social networking,” Yezek said.

“I’m looking forward to seeing what she does with the position,” Moeller said of the currently part-time position. “It may become full-time. It might grow into that, and that would be wonderful."