Plea deal near for alleged child flasher

Bryan Neuswanger

A plea hearing has been scheduled to avoid a jury trial in the case against 40-year-old Bryan Neuswanger, the Hayward-area man charged with a dozen felony charges accusing him of approaching several young girls and exposing them to explicit sexual photos and making lewd comments last fall and the year prior in and around Grantsburg, including outside the middle school.

Neuswanger is slated to appear before Burnett County Circuit Court Judge Melissia Mogen on Oct. 7 for a pela hearing, after negotiations appear to have led him to agree to plead guilty to three felony charges of Exposing a Child to Harmful Materials; Exposing Himself to a Child and felony Causing a Child to View Sexual Activity. All other charges would then be dismissed and read in for sentencing consideration by Judge Mogen.