New jail needs a different sewer

Sewer issues look to be more expensive than first thought. But  construction moves ahead regardless, and the county has some time to change or alter their long-range sewer plans.

The new jail facility will need serious looks at other sewer system options. That news came out when the Burnett County Board of Supervisors met in full session on July 21, and among the items they shared was the latest on the pending Public Safety/Jail facility in Siren, where county administrator Nate Ehalt said they have run into a quandary of sorts on the sanitary sewer system options, as the initial plan has proven to be much more expensive than first hoped, leading them to possibly consider several other options.

They need to be able to treat up to 10,500 gallons daily as the new facility will have many dozen more jail inmates than currently housed, and they are even looking into possibly combining the current system with the new system, and possibly looking at partnering with the nearby sanitary district and village of Siren to solve the issue, once and for all.