Little hero saves even littler sisters

This is all that remains of the Omar home after last weeks blaze. 

A Webster-area youngster is being hailed as a hero for saving four siblings from a house fire last week - a fire that consumed the structure and left the family homeless.

According to the incident narrative filed by a Burnett County Sheriff’s deputy, the call came in at about 5:45 pm on Sunday, Sept. 5 at a home on the 26,000-block of Gables Road in the Town of Oakland, east of State Highway 35 between Yellow Lake and Devils Lake.

When the 911 call first came in, there were reports of children possibly still being in the residence, but what the emergency responders found when they arrived on scene, it appeared that the 13-year-old senior child had been able to not only whisk his four little siblings out of the house, he had also tried to fight the blaze on his own, using a fire extinguisher to put it out, but telling his mother that the fire started up again a short time later.

The narrative account noted that a seven-member family lived at the home, and the two parents, Kelly and Darrell Omar, were away at the store when the oldest of the children, the 13-year-old boy, called them and said that the house was on fire, which he had tried to put out. The couple immediately returned from the store, and when police and emergency responders arrived on scene, the children were already out, as was the family dog.

Firefighters were dispatched from the Webster, Danbury and Siren fire departments, as well as police and ambulance services, but the home was a total loss and was later razed out of safety concerns.

BCSO deputies met with the home owner, who said he did not know how it could have started, but the narrative suggests that the mother of the children mentioned a new electrical outlet was installed in the kitchen that day, but it was unknown if that was the cause for the blaze, and it was also unclear if investigators would be able to pinpoint a source, now that the home was razed by a local excavating company.

The children ranged in age from 13 years-old down to six months, and while the youngest child apparently had some prior health concerns and was treated at a local medical center, nobody suffered any injuries in the blaze.

Because of his age and due to the source of the information, the Sentinel in not naming the child who was noted as being a hero, but many news outlets have. 

Investigation into the cause of the blaze continues, and the family was offered temporary housing through the United Methodist Church in Siren.

Friends of the family have started a ‘Go Fund Me” page to raise donations and aid the family as they rebuild their lives, literally losing everything in the fire. As of press time Tuesday, the donation effort had already raised nearly $5,000, which was the original goal.

The website to donate to the effort is:

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