Grantsburg referendum passes

The Grantsburg school board members can now smile, relax a bit, and breathe a sigh of relief as the community supported their $19.7 million referendum on April 5 as it passed voter muster. Though the job is far from over, the biggest step of passing the referendum, which failed the previous year, passed this year with votes of 703 in favor and 558 against. 

There are big plans to look forward to for the school district since the referendum got the go ahead. The main tasks for the referendum are to decommission Nelson School, expand the elementary school, update the classrooms and common spaces at the middle and high schools, and to repair building systems and create a safer traffic flow around all the schools.

There is a proposed site plan that the district has been sharing with the community which explains how the district would construct new classrooms and spaces, remodel existing spaces, and reconfigure the pick-up and drop-off locations for the schools. It also shares a more in-depth look into the full referendum plans for the district. This proposed site plan photo and detailed information is shared on their referendum website. 

At the board meeting on Monday evening, board president Dave Dahlberg asked superintendent Joshua Watt for a rough timeline for the completed project. Watt explained to Dahlberg that currently they are still in the planning phase, and they want to be finished with the planning phase by the end of November so they can bring all the completed plans to the board in December. If all the planning goes according to plan, they are hoping to start construction by spring/summer by next year of 2023. Watt stated that the hope is to be completed with the whole project in two years, in 2024- but this is all just a rough timeline.

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