UW-Superior Vice Chancellor, Brenda Harms spoke to junior girls from Grantsburg High School. She told them to be open to new things and that when she was their age she had no idea where her career would take her.

GRANTSBURG–– Grantsburg’s junior girls spent last Wednesday at the Crex Convention center attending the Women of Tomorrow Luncheon put on by the school. The students had the opportunity to have a meal and pick the brain of professionals in a career in which they are interested.

UW-Superior’s Vice Chancellor Brenda Harms was this year’s keynote speaker. She had three main points for the students to take with them.

“First you should figure out your passion, whatever it may be,” Harms said. “Second, you must realize that the path forward isn’t always going to be a straight line.”

The third point Harms made was telling the students to never be afraid when trying something different .

“What am I willing to do, to step out of my comfort zone? Is a question you should be asking yourself

Retzer said she tells the mentors at the lunch to tell the students about the good, bad, and ugly of their professions.

“We want the girls to know about the positives along with the worst parts about the job that there interested in,” Retzer said.

One of the mentors at the lunch was former Burnett County Circuit Court Kenneth Kutz. He sat at a table with perspective law students and a student with an interest in art.

“I have the best job, since retiring as a judge, I re-create classic comic book covers,” Kutz said as he pulled a large canvas out of his bag. “I’ve always used art as stress relief.”

He then began talking about his career in law and asking the students what they wanted for their future.

“Some of the things you have to figure out is, what type of law do you want to practice and do you want to live in a small town or big city?,” Kutz said.

The students told Kutz about their ambitions and why they are looking at going into law for their future endeavors. Kutz then dished out more advice about being a lawyer.

“Also, if you do get into law, get as much time in the courtroom as possible, lots of lawyers don’t get a lot of court time and that makes a difference when advancing your career.”

After the pasta meal, Harms began her speech and explained how women have opportunities in society that simply did not exist for other generations.

“At this time in our country, women have so many opportunities,” Harms said. “Your future is as big as you to make them.”