The Burnett County Sheriffs Office (BCSO) has released details behind a shooting that occurred several months ago near Grantsburg. 

According to Sheriff Tracy Finch, the shooting occurred on Friday, Sept. 10, and led to a response from the BCSO, with assistance from Grantsburg Police, who were alerted to a report of a shooting on Gile Road in the Town of West Marshland, north of Grantsburg.

Reportedly, Aaron Simmons was headed there with a rifle.  

Officers arrived and spoke with the homeowner, who advised that there had been an altercation between Aaron L. Simmons, 60, Grantsburg, and another male victim whose identity has been withheld. The homeowner stated that he heard a gunshot and then additional gunshots. Both Simmons and the victim left his residence, southbound, in separate vehicles.  

Officers later located Simmons’ vehicle partially in the ditch on Gile Rd. He had a head injury and was removed from the scene via North Ambulance. 

Police spoke with the victim, who said that he and Simmons were arguing over the theft of some money and some repair work on a firearm. Simmons reportedly became angry and started swinging a roofing shovel at the victim. The victim then hit Simmons with an aluminum bar in the head in response. 

Aaron Simmons left for a short while and then returned, this time with a rifle. He allegedly shot at the victim multiple times before the gun jammed. The victim then left. It is unclear if he hit the victim and whether the victim was injured. 

Authorities later executed a search warrant at Simmons’ residence, where they seized numerous firearms, ammunition and drug paraphernalia.     

Simmons has been arrested and is being held in custody for bond. He has yet to be charged for the incident, but charges are expected to be filed in the coming weeks. Police have initially recommended charges of attempted homicide, with other charges also possible.

Condition of the victim is unknown, at this time.  

- With information from Sheriff Tracy Finch