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WEBSTER––Behind the no-hit pitching of Jack Washburn and a solid defense, the Webster Tigers defeated the Northwood Evergreens Wednesday afternoon by an 18-0 margin.

Washburn threw five solid innings, walking but one and striking out 12. His defense behind him provided the extra the team needed to finalize the win.

One example of the defense was in the top of the fourth inning. With one out, a Northwood batter hit what looked like a base hit to center field. In charged Tiger center fielder Carsen Stenberg, picked up the bouncer and fired the ball to Webster first baseman Brad Sigfrids and got the batter out before he could touch the base.

On offense, the Tigers kept the Evergreen's pitcher off balance as they stole seven bases on the day.

Owen Washburn hit two doubles with Matt Buffington getting one.

Washburn went three for four from the plate with an RBI.

Hunter Rosenbaum, Brad Sigfrids and Buffington were all two for two.

All starters had at least one RBI in the game with Stenberg getting four and Rosenbaum three.

“All of our players are healthy,” said Coach Jarrod Washburn. “None of them have mentioned any dings or sore muscles.”

On Tuesday, June 4, Webster takes on Butternut/Mercer at 11 a.m. at Shell Lake. Butternut/Mercer was a 12-11 winner over Hurley.

At 1:15 p.m. Spring Valley takes on Thorp at the same venue.

The winners of the two games commence play at 4 p.m. for the right to go to Appleton for the State Championship June 11-13.