Before the Tigers volleyball team had to take on the Pirates in the regional finals, they first had to defeat Shell Lake in the semi-finals on Thursday night. They played the game at home and managed to win another 3-0 match-up.

The first set against Shell Lake started out close with a score of 11-9 until Kelsey Kidder began her serving streak, beginning a seven-point run which gave the Tigers a nice lead of 18-9. Shell Lake was not able to come back from that and the set ended with a score of 25-14.

In the second set, the first run was started by Hannah Janssen, putting six points on the board and giving the Tigers a lead of 7-2. Lauren Hetfeld started off the next run, serving five in a row and putting the lead to 17-7. Shell Lake was able to put up nine more points before the game ended with a score of 25-16.

The final set began with back and forth points, but the Tigers were able to get another strong lead of 16-7 and Shell Lake found it hard to come back from that lead. The final set ended with a score of 25-16. Tigers’ coach Stefanie Janssen said, “We played a strong, well-rounded game with everyone on the court making important contributions.”

Digs on the night were led by Kidder (11) and Torrance Wols (7). Lauren Hetfeld and Janssen led the team with assists, with Hetfeld having 19 and Janssen having 11. The Tigers were able to achieve a high amount of kills which were led by Brooke Hetfeld (13), Summer Winkler (10) and Ava Washburn (8). Both Wols and Lauren Hetfeld had three aces on the night while blocks were had by Brooke Hetfeld (5), Winkler (2), Washburn (2) and Janssen (2).

After a big win against Shell Lake, the Tigers moved up to take on Grantsburg in the Regional finals on Saturday. All of the sets had very close scores, but the Tigers were just not able to clinch the win, leaving the match with a score of 3-2.

The girls played some good sets and their statistics on the night show that. The Tigers were able to achieve 62 kills, which were led by Washburn (19), Brooke Hetfeld (15) and Winkler (15). They also achieved 11 aces which were done by Wols (4), Winkler (3), Kidder (2), Lauren Hetfeld (1) and Washburn (1). A total of 60 digs were also done that night which were led by Kidder (17) and Wols (12). Hannah Janssen and Lauren Hetfeld were on fire that night with assists with Janssen having 31 assists and Hetfield having 24.

“Although this is clearly not how we wanted our season to end, I am very proud of how the girls played. They played a season they should be very proud of.”