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Siren quarterback Nick Webster rushed for a touchdown as the first half was winding down.

Siren head coach Ryan Karsten was glad to see his team on the field Friday night.

“It was nice for the boys to be back on the field and playing,” Karsten said. “It was great to see them get some semblance of normalcy in their life. The weather was beautiful. It was a great night for high school football.”

The Siren season was delayed like all WIAA football seasons was delayed and then a school closure meant they took 15 days off from practice and all team activities.

“I thought we did well given the circumstances,” Karsten said. “Missing the first five weeks of the regular season was hard and the kids worked their tails off to come into the season in shape and the 15 days off killed their conditioning and that was a factor in the game Friday.”

It was a slow start for Siren. They were down 7-14 in the second quarter but in the last couple minutes they were able to turn it around.

On defense, Karsten noted the outstanding performances by Taedon Nichols and Jimmy Krenzke. Those two lead the team in tackles at linebacker.

On the other side of the ball, Karsten said Nick Webster did an excellent job running the ball at the quarterback position.

Siren put 12 points on the scoreboard in the final three minutes of the first half thanks a Clayton fumbled kickoff return.

Luke Pettis ran for a touchdown to make it 13-14. Then following the fumble Siren quarterback Nick Webster ran a touchdown in himself to make it 19-14 into halftime.

No scoring in the third quarter allowed Siren to hold onto the five point lead.

Siren started the fourth quarter on a 4th and 1. Webster handed it off to Pettis and he went straight through the Clayton defense for a touchdown.

The Dragons failed on the two-point conversion making the score 25-14. Clayton was able to claw back with two more touchdowns and win the game 25-26.

Next week the Dragons take on the 1-2 Frederic Vikings on the road.

“Frederic is well coached and will be a challenge for us,” Karsten said. “We need to look to tackle a little better. We need to work on doing our job to the best of our abilities and to just have fun. This is a game and should be enjoyed.

Karsten was glad to be on the field and is ready to see what the rest of the season has in store for the Dragons.

“It was great to get on the field and play football and we hope to be able to do it and finish the rest of the season getting better each game.”