Java Spike

Pirate Cate Lee ducks out of the way as teammate Jordan Java goes for a hard spike over the net.

After suffering a loss from the Webster Tigers last Tuesday night, it tied the Grantsburg Pirate’s Volleyball record- they both only lost one game during the season, from each other. The Pirates then went on to play Clear Lake Thursday Night and Shell Lake on Saturday, winning both games and tying their season end with Webster with a record of 8-1, making them co-conference champions.

Grantsburg was supposed to play their last conference match with Unity, but the Unity team had to go into quarantine, so Pirate’s coach Deb Allaman-Johnson scheduled a game with Clear Lake. After their loss against the Tiger’s, Allaman-Johnson was happy to have a familiar rotation back into play on the court.

“We were happy to put Lainie back on the court after her ankle sprain at Monday’s practice. Simply being in a familiar rotation returned some flow to our court. After a sputtering at the start, we settled down and took care of the ball. Our serve receive continues to improve and our defense continues to need work.”

Hanne Johnson was a strong player that night, leading the team in kills (16), blocks (4), and digs (13). Assists were led by Cate Lee (10) and Jadyn Watt (8). There were 10 aces during the matchups by Amy Harmon (3), Cate Lee (2), Sadye Bunting (2), Lainie Thoreen (2) and McKayla Blume (1). The final score of the matches were 3-0.

The Pirate’s last regular season game was against Shell Lake, and they were able to bring home another 3-0 win. The start of the match against Shell Lake wasn’t looking so good according to coach Allaman-Johnson.

“We started pretty rough with energy and frustration spiraling downward. Thankfully, we snapped out of it and picked it up a bit. Extensive video review clearly demonstrates some serious defensive issues that we are eager to address at the next practices.”

Grantsburg was only aced twice during the sets by Shell Lake, while the pirates were able to ace them seven times. Kills on the sets were led by Johnson (19) and Jordan Java (11). Johnson also led the team with digs (10). Cate Lee was strong on assists that night, leading the team and having 16 assists.

The Pirate’s regional semi-finals game is against Cameron Thursday night.