“The first win was important to help build confidence and take off some stress as they learn to trust each other on the floor and as they get comfortable with the new offenses and defenses they are learning,” Grantsburg girls coach Tom Lindau said.

The Pirates started the season a bit slow with a 1-3 conference record. Lindau said the young team is learning after every game and that the focus this year is on teamwork.

“The focus for us has been on teamwork and sharing the workload,” Lindau said. “The girls understand that in order to have successful, competitive games it takes everyone. They have been able to keep their team focus both on and off the court and are building a strong, positive atmosphere.”

This is Lindau’s first year as the team’s coach as is ready for what the future of this team holds.

“I am extremely proud of these girls in their work ethic, their great attitudes and their willingness to help each other out,” Lindau said. “I'm excited for what their future could hold if they stay together as a team through the coming years.  

Grantsburg will travel to Shell Lake on Tuesday night and play the Webster Tigers at home on Friday evening.

“This next stretch of games is important,” Lindau said. “As a young team that is learning, we knew from the beginning we would have our struggles. Our sites are set on long term goals like the end of the season and next year. We want to learn and build our team and develop our offense and defense. It's a whole new system this year.”