GB VB Gretchen Spike.jpg

Pirate Gretchen Lee goes for a spike over the net as the Tigers try to go for the block.

The Pirate’s volleyball team finished off last week with two more intense conference matches, totaling three in one week. They took on undefeated Webster on Tuesday at home and traveled to Unity on Thursday, taking a win both times remaining undefeated. The final score in both games was 3-1.

Pirate’s coach Deb Allaman-Johnson stated the Webster team has amazing athleticism which is dominated by talented and experienced seniors. “We were fortunate enough to be able to hang in there with them and give them a battle. We dug out of some big holes again- really wish we would stop trying to make everything extra interesting.”

She went on to say that their serving toughness suffered in their game against the Tigers. “Not because our serves were weak, but because Webster’s passing was strong. We only aced them three times, they aced us six times.”

The aces came from Pirates Amy Harmon, Hanne Johnson and Lainie Thoreen.

Johnson led the team in both kills and digs against the Tigers with 26 kills and 20 digs. Jordan Java had a strong night blocking with four great blocks. Cate Lee and Jadyn Watt were tremendous with assists during the matches with Lee having 17 assists and Watt having 16.

The Pirates headed to Unity on Thursday, Allaman-Johnson said the Unity Eagles presented the best hitting and blocking team they had faced so far this season.

“We definitely had our worst defensive performance of the season. It isn’t that our defense is getting worse–quite the contrary. It is really improving. However, the bangers on this team were really tough to dig and our block was extremely ineffective tonight. We got tooled over thirteen times. We need to put up a quicker roof and stronger hands.”

Even though the defense had a tough night, they passed the ball very well and earned their highest ever passer rating and percent of playable passes. They were also only aced four times.

Johnson led the team with 21 kills against the Eagles while Cate Lee led in assists, assisting 19 times. Cate Lee also held the most aces that night with four aces while Watt and Thoreen both had two. Sadye Bunting and Johnson both had a great night for digs with Bunting having 14 and Johnson having 13.

Grantsburg played a non-conference game against Turtle Lake Monday night.

Their next game is against Luck at home on Thursday night.