Players from L to R include: Lewis Anderson, Jenna Lester, Landyn Randt, Bradon Nutter, Clayton Shutt, Levi Anderson, Ryder Anderson, Dallis Strehlo, Landon Smestad, Grayson Hendricks-Baxter, Lane Hopkins, and center Goalie Timothy (Joel) McDonald. Not pictured: Eva Imme, Zaidyn Wedin, Kelsey Douglas, Owen Douglas, and Aiden Johnson.

The Blizzard PeeWees placed third in Moose Lake’s In the Sticks tournament this past weekend, scoring 24 points in three games. Highlights of the game include: First goals from Lewis Anderson and Jenna Lester and a playmaker award to Landyn Randt. Every single player either had a goal or assisted in making one; in three games Blizzard scored 24 times with the same in assists. This team's passing has improved drastically. They came from behind to win both the first and the third game revealing so much character and persistence. If not for eight minutes in penalties against St. Cloud (the second game), they were right with them too.

This weekend the team will be playing in Barron for the opportunity to represent our area (Siren, Webster, Frederic, Luck, and Grantsburg) at the state tournament held in March in Altoona.