Grantsburg and Siren matched up last year for a jump ball. The jump ball will be eliminated this season and the ball will go to the visiting team at the start of the game.

The WIAA has released guidelines for winter sports including no jump ball in basketball and everyone in the gymnasium for sports will be required to wear a mask.

Curt Zamzow, Lakeland Conference Commissioner, sent out guidelines for the conference. The conference will continue to limit spectators for games. They will also continue to require everyone to wear masks when attending winter sport events.

“As we move into the winter months, the Schools of the Lakeland Conference feel it is important to continue limiting spectators at events,” Zamzow said. “The primary focus of this discussion was the safety of our student athletes, their families, their coaches, and their fans.”

The 2020 WIAA Return to Winter Sports Considerations have been adopted by the Lakeland Conference for the upcoming season. This will require everyone to wear masks.

“Masks must be worn indoors according to the governor’s mandate while practicing or playing,” the WIAA document stated. “Cloth masks are safe with excise, they do not decrease oxygen levels, increase carbon dioxide levels, significantly restrict airflow, or cause heat illness. They will take time to get used to, as they can be uncomfortable and increase the perceived effort or exercise.”

Coaches and spectators are also required to wear masks.

“A violation of the order would not bring any criminal penalties but could result in a $200 fine,” the WIAA wrote. It is unclear who will be enforcing the mask requirement.

For basketball, there will be no handshakes before or after the game, bench personnel will be limited to observe social distancing. There will be no jump balls at the beginning of the game as the visiting team will get the ball to start the game.

Wrestlers will be required to wear masks but will not be allowed to wear buffs or neck gaiters as they could be used to choke an opponent.

Gymnastics equipment will be wiped down and sanitized after each use. There will be no chalk bowls as athletes will be given their own piece of chalk.

Hockey players will be asked to practice social distancing on the bench and arenas are being encouraged to keep an attendance log for contact tracing.

“The schools took into account the recent plans shared by the WIAA as well as insights and ideas communicated by all groups of the Conference: Superintendents, Principals, Athletic Directors, and Coaches,” Zamzow said. “After much discussion, the Lakeland Conference approved the adoption of the WIAA plans for winter sports with some specific additions.”

Lakeland Conference Guidelines


• The conference will allow for up to four (4) immediate family members to attend home events, this includes:

- Parents

- Legal Guardians

- Brothers and Sisters

- Grandparents

• No visiting spectators will be allowed at events.

• Schools in remote learning mode may choose to allow home spectators.

• Spectator limits will be evaluated by the Lakeland Conference periodically.

• Masks are mandatory for everyone in the gym. Announcements may be made prior to the start of each game as to how schools will deal with noncompliance of the mask mandate.

• All schools will prepare a list of spectators that will be shared with each opponent prior to the game or match.

• Spectators will provide the name of the player they are there to watch and their name to the person at the door.

• Gyms will be emptied after the first game to allow spectators to enter for the second game.

• Parents with a child that plays on both teams will exit the gym, then reenter for the next game.

• Admittance fees will continue to be suspended for the winter season events

• Schools will not have concessions at events.

• Some schools will be restricting attendance in secondary gyms further due to the size of secondary facilities. Check with your AD to determine allowed attendance.

• Game times are 5:45 and 7:15; spectators should arrive at approximately 5:30 and 7:05 to enter the school for the games they will attend.

timelines for the WIAA seasons

Girls Basketball

• Schools are determining an appropriate start date.

• Games may begin on November 24th if teams have reached their practice minimums.

• WIAA Regionals are scheduled on February 9th.

Boys Basketball

• Schools are determining an appropriate start date

• Games may begin on December 1st if teams have reached their practice minimums.

• WIAA Regionals are scheduled on February 16th.


• Schools are determining an appropriate start date

• Matches may begin on December 4th if teams have reached their practice minimums.

• WIAA Regionals are scheduled on January 30th.

Championships and All-Conference Teams

• Conference Champions will be awarded if a full schedule is played


• A consensus can be reached by the conference schools in that division.

• All-conference teams will be selected as done in previous years.