Grantsburg High School hosted a nine-school track and field event on Tuesday, June 1, and the 18-event team scores were tight on both boys and girls events, with the Pirate boys taking advantage of their home field to win the men’s team scores, while the visiting Webster girls came in a close second in the women’s team results.

For the girls teams, Unity took top honors with 128.34 points, followed closely in second by the Webster girls with 110.34 points. Third place went to Turtle Lake/Clayton with 103, Prairie Farm came in fourth with 92.5, then the hosting Grantsburg girls finishing 76. 84 points, giving them a fifth place overall, followed by Shell Lake with 58.5, with the Siren girls finishing just behind the Lakers with 55 points for a seventh place overall, followed by Frederic and the Valley Christian School, with 45.5 and 14 points, respectively.

For the boys teams, Grantsburg finished first overall with 189 points, Unity followed with 153, with Webster coming in third with 88 points, Valley Christian School with 70, Shell Lake 66, Frederic 36.5, with Siren placing seventh with 24.5 points, followed by Turtle lake/Clayton with 20 points and the Lac Court Oreilles Ojibwe School finishing with 6 points.

 Girls individual results

Individual results from Burnett County were strong, starting with Siren senior Jalynn Nelson placing a close fourth in the 100-meter dash, which had Webster senior Summer Winkler right on her heels and Grantsburg freshman Sydney Gronski a fraction behind her, all earning team points.

In the girls 200, Webster’s Summer Winkler finished sixth, with Grantsburg’s Hailea Rombach 10th in a tight field.

The Girls 400 had Grantsburg’s Tristin Kreuser-Peterson in a closely-packed field, placing 7th for points.

Local distance runners excelled, as Pirate junior Alexis Slater came in a very close second in the 800-meter run, with Webster’s Kendra Jackson and Tristin Kreuser-Peterson a fraction behind her, all helping their team scores.

The girls 1,600-meter run had Grantsburg junior Hailea Rombach placing a strong third, with Webster senior Emily Doriott fourth.

Emily Doriott also finished strong in the girls 3,200-meters, placing fourth, with freshman teammate Morgan Johnson just ten seconds behind her for a fifth place finish.

In the girls hurdles, Webster sophomore Ava Washburn cruised to a first place in the 100-meters, winning by nearly five seconds in the 100 with a 16.62 second dash. Siren senior Vinni Rightman came in fourth in a tight field, with Webster’s Jillian Fisher also earning points with a strong sixth place.

Ava Washburn won the 300 hurdles, but had some stiff competition from Turtle Lake/Clayton’s Maria Thill, who came in a close second, just a half-second behind. Grantsburg’s Sidney Gronski came in third and set a school record with a 52.35. 

In the team relays, Grantsburg’s girls finished fourth in the 4 x 100, with Kaitlyn Rombach, Ashlin Olson, Cassidy Troff and Allison Peterson.

Webster followed just one second behind with their team of Jillian Fisher, Summer Winkler, Kateland Haskins and Petra Hamm; Siren finished seventh with the all-freshman team of Kairi Moody, Madison Hursh, Grace Mangelsen and Paige Huntley earning team points.

The Pirate 4x200 team also finished fourth, Madison Hanson, Ashlin Olson, Cassidy Troff and Allison Peterson. 

Webster’s team placed eight, made up of Jillian Fisher, Petra Hamm, Kateland Haskins and Naomi Maxwell. 

Grantsburg’s 4 x 400-relay team came in a close second in the finals, with Ashlin Olson, Kaitlyn Rombach, Hailea Rombach and Alexis Slater. Sirens’ 4 x 400-relay team also did very well, taking a fourth in a close field, with their team of Jalynn Nelson, Madison Hursh, Jaidyn Jewell and Vinni Rightman placing fourth, adding five team points, as well. 

The Pirate women also did well in the  4 x 800-relay, placing second, Tristin Kreuser-Peterson, Ayla Meyer, Kaitlyn Rombach and Alexis Slater just a few seconds from first place.

Webster’s team of Emily Doriott, Kendra Jackson, Morgan Johnson and Felicity Lamb placed fifth, as well.

Jalynn Nelson of Siren also did well in the girls high jump, clearing 4’ 10” for a solid third place, followed by Webster’s Brooke Hetfeld in fourth, and Grantsburg’s Tiffany Gronski in seventh.

Webster freshman Lauren Hetfeld placed second in the girls pole vault with an 8’ 6” effort, tying Grantsburg’s Amy Harmon, with the same height, both earning 6.33 points.

Ava Washburn of Webster easily won the girls long jump with a 16’-9.25” leap, followed by Jalynn Nelson of Siren and Allison Peterson of Grantsburg.

Burnett County athletes excelled at the triple jump, with Ava Washburn taking first, Grantsburg’s Allison Peterson third, Brooke Hetfeld of Webster fifth, Sidney Gronski of Grantsburg at seventh and Naomi Maxwell of Webster taking eighth, all earning them points, as well.

Senior Madison Thiex of Siren had a strong day, easily winning the girls discus with an impressive 116-foot final throw, far ahead of the field, with teammate Jaidyn Jewell taking second place with a 89’ 3” toss in the finals, and Webster’s Hannah Janssen fourth, Summer Winkler of Webster fifth and Grace Mangelsen of Siren in eight, all earning points.

Madison Thiex also did well in the girls shot put, taking fourth place in a tight field, with Webster’s Winter Messer and Hannah Janssen placing five and six, respectively.

Boys results

In the Boys individual results, it was a close contest in several of the boys sprints, with Webster speedsters Ethan Ashworth and Grantsburg’s Jordan Gaffney again putting in an impressive and close contest, with the junior Ashworth winning with a 11.90 to sophomore Gaffney’s’ 11.97-second final. Siren senior Jimmy Krenzke placed a close fourth, with Webster’s CJ Abbas placing sixth, and Grantsburg’s Jordan Johnson ninth in a very tight field.

In the boys 200-meter dash, it was Grantsburg senior Derek Lee with a win at 24.03, ahead of Unity’s Brody Allen with a 24.33 and just ahead of Pirate junior Mason Arnold, at 24.45 in an exciting finish, with Grantsburg’s Dominik Spohn and Webster’s Brandon Emerson at sixth and seventh for even more team points.  

Grantsburg junior Chase Doornink and senior Derek Lee were a solid first and second in the 400, with Pirate Dominik Spohn in sixth and Siren’s Taeden Nichols in six and seven, respectively in a strong field.

Grantsburg freshman Joseph Quintana was the lone Burnett County finalist in the boys 800, taking sixth place and adding three more points for the Pirates.

Grantsburg excelled at the boy’s 1,600-meter run, with freshman Connor Quimby placing second, Pirate Brody Bongaarts in fourth and freshman Joseph Quintana at sixth, adding 16 team points.

The Pirates also earned a third and fourth in the boys 3,200, with freshman Aden Erickson and junior Jordan Janes.

Grantsburg junior Jonathan Peltier finished a tennis shoe behind Shel Lake’s Landon Deneen, with a 17.11-second finish versus Peltier’s 17.16-seconds and second place. The next finisher was nearly three seconds behind.  

In the boys 300-meter hurdles, Webster freshman Luke Ashworth finished third, with Grantsburg hurdlers just out of points at ninth and tenth.

Webster’s 4 x 100 relay team of CJ Abbas, Ethan Ashworth, Nathan Jackson and Brandon Emerson flew to a 46.57-second win, with Grantsburg’s team just .32-seconds behind. That team of Johnathan Peltier, Aidan Burkman, Aaron Burkman and Jordan Gaffney took second place and earned 8 points.

The Webster boys also won the 4x200 relay, with CJ Abbas, Brandon Emerson, Nathan Jackson and Ethan Ashworth winning by almost five seconds. Grantsburg’s Mason Arnold, Jordan Johnson, Tyler Fenton and Aidan Burkman took third place. 

Grantsburg won the boy’s 4 x 400 relay by five seconds, with Derek Lee, Brody Bongaarts, Aaron Burkman and Chase Doornink winning ten points for the Pirates.

Webster’s fourth place team of Luke Ashworth, Brandon Emerson, Brock McKinley and Edwin Janssen earned 5 team points with their finish. 

Grantsburg took third place in the boys 4 x 800 relay, with Connor Quimby, Aden Erickson, Joseph Quintana and Brody Bongaarts.

Pirate sophomore Tyler Fenton took first place in the boys high jump with a 5’-6” leap. Classmate Jordan Gaffney placed fifth in the high jump, with a 5’-2” final. 

Grantsburg also did well in the pole vault, with Aaron Burkman taking third, Dominik Spohn and Jordan Janes tying for fourth and Tyler Fenton in seventh. 

Webster sophomore Jordan Gaffney flew to first place in the boys long jump, with a 19’-5” leap, followed in second place by Webster’s Ethan Ashworth at 18’-.25”. Tiger freshman Nathan Jackson came in fourth, with Siren senior Jimmy Krenzke placing fifth and Pirate Aaron Burkman in sixth. Derek lee of Grantsburg also earned a point for the team with an eighth place finish.

Grantsburg junior Mason Arnold finished third in the triple jump, with Webster junior Chase Cadotte in fifth and Johnathan Peltier of Grantsburg in seventh place, all for points.

Webster, Grantsburg and Siren finished 1, 2 and 3 in the boys shot put, with Tristan Benjamin, Jared Vanwatermuelen and Jimmy Krenzke of Siren. With Pirate Gage Hall in fourth  and Dragon sophomore Derek Thiex in fifth for Siren, adding 4 more tam points, as well.

Webster’s Chase Cadotte swept the boys discus with a 131’ 5” throw, with second place Gage Hall of Grantsburg in second place, at 116’ 11”, and Tiger senior Tristan Benjamin placing a close fourth at 114’ 5”, with Dragon sophomore Derek Thiex just a few inches behind for sixth place and 3 team points.