Siren VB Nelson with bump.jpg

The Siren Dragons volleyball team are back to playing and rescheduling some missed volleyball games after the high school had to close down for two weeks due to Covid. The girls played Luck for their first game back on Thursday and played Shell Lake and Grantsburg on Saturday, making their total games played for the season only five so far.

Dragon’s coach Kristin Kosloski said, “We are playing together very well. This group of girls are great teammates and never give up on each other. They have great attitudes and are each other’s cheerleaders.”

Siren lost the three sets against Luck and were hoping to have better luck in their Saturday matchups. The Dragons started their Saturday morning playing Shell Lake, and beat them in the first set, but lost the last three sets. During the game, the girls were able to create a high amount of kills; Madison Thiex took the lead with nine kills, Emma Aubert had six, Vinni Rightman had three and Hannah Lemieux had two.

They then played Grantsburg that afternoon and Pirates Coach Deb Allaman-Johnson stated that the Siren team played very well compared to when they played them in the beginning of the season. However, it wasn’t enough for the win and the Dragons lost all three sets to the Pirates. Thiex led the team again in kills, having eight of them while Morgan Shetler, Rightman and Lemieux all had three.

Siren played Frederic on Monday night, Unity on Tuesday night and are set to play Frederic again on Thursday night.