Blizzard Squirts

Back Row (L to R): Coach Adam Imme, Coach James Anderson, Coach Nick Johnson. Middle Row (L to R): Taylor Anderson, Aiden Johnson, Dayne McKnight, Owen Douglas, Benett Ulmaniec, Matthew Smith, Gavyn Hill, Kelsey Belisle. Front Row (L to R): Carl Antonich, Mason Mattson, Grant Johnson, Leo Carlson, Levi Randt, Talon Imme, Kendall Johnson.

The Blizzard Squirts competed in the Battle in the Northwoods Tournament and took first place. This was the first home youth tournament that the Blizzard Squirts had won in the last five years.

The tournament took place at the Lodge Center Arena on Jan. 4 and 5 and had five teams competing for a win. The Squirts won their first three games against North Metro, Tomahawk and Viroqua and tied their last game against River Valley.

The final standings for the Battle in the Northwoods Tournament was the Blizzard Squirts in first, Viroqua in second, River Valley in third, Tomahawk in fourth and North Metro placing fifth.