To the Town Board, Town of Swiss, Burnett County, Wisconsin, the undersigned hereby applies for licenses to be used from July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021 at their respective places of business:

Retailer’s Class “B” Beer and “Class B” Liquor Licenses

Baum & Son Properties, Inc., Last Cast Tavern, 7528 Main St., Danbury;

St. Croix Chippewa Indians of Wisconsin, St. Croix Casino Danbury,

30222 State Highway 35 & 77, Danbury;

The Fish Bowl, Inc., Fishbowl Bar, 30799 State Highway 35, Danbury;

Wild Waters, Ltd., Wild Waters Tavern & Grill, 7516 Main St., Danbury;

Retailer’s Class “A” Beer and “Class A” Liquor Licenses

Dolgencorp, LLC, Dollar General Store #19533, 7447 Main St., Danbury;

Log Cabin Store & Eatery, Co., 30217 State Highway 35 & 77, Danbury;

R&J Grocery Enterprises, LLC, Wayne’s Foods Plus, 7413 Main St., Danbury;

Retailer’s Class “B” Beer and “Class C” Wine Licenses

Amelia Calixto, Amelia’s Homestead Café & Bakery, 7523 Main St., Danbury;

Retailer’s “Class B” (Wine Only) Winery License

Tommy’s Too High Wines, LLC, 6004 E. Bass Lake Rd., Danbury.

The Town Board will consider the applications June 9, 2020, at their regular meeting.

Dated June 1, 2020

Judith Dykstra, Clerk

Town of Swiss


(June 3)