State of Wisconsin

Circuit Court

Burnett County

In the matter of the estate of

Cynthia A. Beales a/k/a Cynthia A. Beales-Ambelang

Notice to Creditors

(Informal Administration)

Case No. 20 PR 10

Please Take Notice:

1. An application for informal administration was filed.

2. The decedent, with date of birth, September 1, 1950 and date of death October 31, 2019, was domiciled in Burnett County, State of Wisconsin, with a mailing address of PO Box 212, Siren, WI 54872.

3. All interested persons waived notice.

4. The deadline for filing a claim against the decedent’s estate is June 19, 2020.

5. A claim may be filed at the Burnett County Courthouse, Siren, Wisconsin, in the Probate Office.

Andrew S. Lawton

PO Box 119

Spooner, WI 54801


Bar Number 1000824

/s/ Jennifer Faber

Register in Probate/Juvenile Clerk

March 19, 2020


(Mar. 25, Apr. 1, 8)