Burnett County Board of Supervisors

October 17, 2019

CALL TO ORDER Chairman Taylor called the October 17, 2019, Burnett County Board of Supervisors meeting to order at 9:30 a.m. in Room 165 of the Burnett County Government Center, Siren, Wisconsin.

INVOCATION Pastor Doug Olson of Yellow Lake Lutheran Church gave the invocation.

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE Chairman Taylor led in the Pledge of Allegiance.

ROLL CALL Present, 18 supervisors: Edgar Peterson, Norman Bickford, Christopher Sybers, Bert Lund, Jr., Emmett Byrne, Gary Lundberg, Don Taylor, Craig Conroy, Gerald Pardun, Steve Austin, Brent Blomberg, Jim Paden, Gene McLain, Jeremy Gronski, Dorothy Richard, Donald Chell, Gene Olson and Ed Fisher. Excused, three supervisors: Chuck Anderson, Duane Johnson and Sid Sherstad. Present, one student representative: Jordan Webster, Siren.

PUBLIC SPEAKING Jim Miller, who is the Regional Director for Senator Ron Johnson, addressed the County Board of Supervisors with an introduction and invitation to contact him at any time regarding issues of concern.

APPROVAL OF AGENDA ORDER Motion to approve the agenda order was made by Supervisor Lund, seconded by Supervisor Richard. Motion carried, voice vote.

APPROVAL OF PROCEEDINGS OF THE SEPTEMBER 16, 2019, MEETING Motion to approve the proceedings of the September 16, 2019, Burnett County Board meeting was made by Supervisor Blomberg, seconded by Supervisor Paden. Motion carried, voice vote.

PUBLIC HEARING – BURNETT COUNTY 2020 BUDGET Chairman Taylor recessed the Burnett County Board of Supervisors’ meeting at 9:35 a.m. and opened the Public Hearing on the Burnett County 2020 Budget. Administrator Ehalt reviewed a PowerPoint presentation on preparation and content of the budget. He highlighted areas of the budget that were more significant to the operations of the county and areas that were reviewed and either retained, decreased or cut, in the current proposal. The total budget proposed is $28,634,379.00; total levy of $10,231,222.00; with a mill rate of 3.62. This is compared to the mill rate for 2018 of 3.87 and 2019 of 3.80.

Christopher Sybers made public comment in regards to funds for Restorative Justice being taken out of the budget and asked if there would be any consideration to have it restored to the budget. Administrator Ehalt responded, noting it should go to Public Safety Committee, then to Administration Committee and back to county board for consideration in November.

As there were no other public comments, public comment was closed at 9:47 a.m. and the regular meeting resumed.

RECOGNITION OF THE RETIREMENT OF DEPUTY TREASURER PATTI JO HANSON FOR HER 35 YEARS OF SERVICE TO BURNETT Chairman Taylor spoke to the appreciation of Retired Deputy Treasurer Patti Jo Hanson for her 35 years of service to the county. Ms. Hanson was unable to attend and accept her plaque.

SOFTEC PRESENTATION – TIM D’JOCK Tim D’Jock of SOFTEC presented an update on the programs, grants, educational opportunities and success of SOFTEC students. Mark Stoner spoke to his success with the training program and employment opportunity. Patti Hurd, a freelance consultant for small nonprofit organizations spoke on assisting SOFTEC with acquiring grants and spoke in support of the organization.

PRESENTATION – SUSAN LOCKWOOD FROM WISCONSIN INDIANHEAD TECHNICAL COLLEGE (WITC) Susan Lockwood, Vice-President, Institutional Effectiveness and New Richmond Campus Administrator, gave a PowerPoint presentation on WITC which was founded in 1912 and has locations in Ashland, New Richmond, Rice Lake and Superior. Additional outreach centers are located in Balsam Lake, Hayward and Ladysmith. Ms. Lockwood provided information on employment placement, average starting wages of graduates, career programs and their strategic plan.

RESOLUTION 2019-26 COUNTY FOREST VARIABLE ACREAGE SHARE PAYMENTS WHEREAS, counties having lands entered as “County Forest Lands” under the provisions of s.s.28.11 (4)(b) of the Wisconsin Statutes, annually receive from the state as a non-interest bearing loan, the amount of 10 cents for each acre so entered to be used for the purchase, development, preservation, and maintenance of such lands; and,

WHEREAS, said loan monies are repaid through a 20% severance tax on timber sale revenue coming from County Forest Lands unless a higher rate is mutually agreed to by the County and the Department; and,

WHEREAS, the provisions of Section 28.11 (8)(b) 1, enacted in 1979, make it possible for the County, at its option, to receive instead of the payment based on 10 cents per acre, a payment more closely related to meeting the needs identified in its County Forest 15 Year Plan based on either 0, 20, 30, 40, or 50 cents per acre.

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, THAT we, the Burnett County Board of Supervisors, in consideration of meeting the needs of our County Forest 15 Year Plan hereby request the Department of Natural Resources to provide the 2020 payment to the County under s.s.28.11 (8)(b) 1, on the basis of 50 cents for each acre of our County Forest Lands; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, THAT the clerk is hereby authorized and directed to file this request with the Department of Natural Resources prior to December 31 preceding the year in which said payment is being requested to be made.

Chairman Taylor presented Resolution 2019-26 County Forest Variable Acreage Share Payments sponsored by the Natural Resources Committee. Motion to approve the resolution was made by Supervisor Bickford, seconded by Supervisor Sybers. Motion carried, voice vote.

COUNTY BOARD CHAIR REPORT Chairman Taylor allowed Suzanne Vitale to speak. Ms. Vitale presented information on recent activity taking place at the former Wood Lake Bible Camp property.


Administration Committee report was given by Chairman Taylor.

Public Safety Committee report was given by Supervisor Pardun.

Infrastructure Committee report was given by Supervisor Gronski.

Health and Community Services Committee report was given by Supervisor Sybers.

Natural Resources Committee report was given by Supervisor Peterson.

Land Use and Information Committee report was given by Supervisor Bickford.

OTHER COMMITTEE, BOARD AND COMMISSION REPORTS Supervisor Blomberg gave an update from the Burnett County Library Planning Committee. Supervisor Byrne provided an update from the Community Employment Program (CEP) meeting in Ashland he attended along with Supervisor Blomberg. CEP is an 11 county program and our local office is located in Spooner. Supervisor Lundberg gave an update on the Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) meeting.

ADMINISTRATOR REPORT Administrator Ehalt noted some interesting statistics on 4-H and county forest acres. An Employee Benefit Fair will be held November 13, 2019, for staff and families where they can ask specific questions of the vendors about the benefit provided. A Public Safety Facility Analysis meeting will be held October 30, 2019. The Large Scale Livestock Study Ad-Hoc Committee will meet October 30, 2019. Meetings with all staff will be held concerning the new employee compensation plan. Mr. Ehalt thanked Judy Cornelison and all staff for their good work on the proposed budget. Allison Fern was recognized for her participation and graduation from the statewide Leadership Program.

FUTURE AGENDA ITEMS There were none.

ADJOURNMENT Motion to adjourn the October 17, 2019, meeting was made by Supervisor Byrne, seconded by Supervisor Lund. Motion carried, voice vote. Chairman Taylor adjourned the meeting at 11:25 a.m.

State of Wisconsin

County of Burnett

I hereby certify that the foregoing is a true and correct copy of the Proceedings of the Burnett County Board of Supervisors Meeting held on the 17th, day of October 2019, as recorded by Wanda Hinrichs and kept by me as County Clerk. Corrections or additions to these proceedings will be in the proceedings of the next succeeding meeting of the Board of Supervisors.

Wanda Hinrichs,

Burnett County Clerk


(Nov. 27)