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Bill Gates once said, “Nobody believes in completely unadulterated capitalism.”

Gates is one of many who have discussed capitalism and the waxing and waning it goes through over time. Since Gates is a person who has done fairly well with capitalism, what with the whole Microsoft thing, I would take anything he says with more than a grain of salt.

My issue with capitalism this week is with food packaging. In this field, potato chips are the worst and ice cream is perfect.

That’s right! I’m back to talk about food.

This is another column where I talk about one of my favorite things intertwined with one of my least favorite things – food is the former and faulty packaging is the latter.

American capitalism is something I go back and forth on.

Is it the best system? Maybe.

Merriam-Webster defines capitalism as an economic system characterized by private or corporate ownership of capital goods, by investments determined by private decision, and by prices, production, and the distribution of goods determined mainly by competition in a free market.

Where does the food come into this?

Right here.

I was sweating bullets (not actual ammunition, but I was hot) the other day when I realized I wanted some ice cream. So, I got in the Buick and went to the store and bought a container of Butterfinger ice cream.

It comes with bits of the Butterfinger candy bar and some caramel added to make it even better.

This tub of ice cream was full to the brim of that luscious goodness.

As great as the way that tub of ice cream was filled, potato chips are the polar opposite.

How many times have you opened a bag of potato chips to see that most of the bag is air? Corporations say there is nitrogen gas added to the bags to keep them fresh.

Here’s an idea, how about fewer preservatives so that nitrogen doesn’t need half of the bag for itself?

That is why I like buying potatoes and hot dog buns. That’s how all packaging should be – see-through.

Now that I’m here, I’ll give you a rough outline of other food product packaging. M&Ms and Skittles are in the same boat with potato chips, however, not nearly as egregious. Sometimes you get the standard amount of candy and sometimes you get shorted a few pieces.

But when I got with the Butterfinger ice cream, I knew it was the most supreme packaging, the cold wonderfulness that is a full tub of ice cream. It is full to the top. It even appears to be overfilled a bit, and there some ice cream on the lid.

I’m always disappointed when I open a bag of BBQ chips, but I am always delighted when I open a new tub of ice cream.

Hey Bill Gates, could you and your wife take a look at truth in chip packaging when you have a chance? I might even be willing to overlook that whole scam of packaging Internet Explorer as the default browser with Windows if you could just make this right.

Then, and only then would I know that capitalism is the best.