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Dear Editor,

Does it matter that so many store owners watch their dreams go up in flames as the rioters burn and loot? What about the thousands of police officers that have been injured, killed, or paralyzed, does that matter?

A large percent of our country’s citizens appear to be in agreement with tearing apart the history and culture of our great nation instead of studying and learning from it. George Orwell said it best, “The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.”

So what does all the rioting, burning and destruction accomplish? It doesn’t create jobs or put food on the table. Taking Cops off TV or the shotgun away from Elmer Fudd doesn’t improve our schools or build affordable housing. Destroying statues, burning buildings, and renaming military bases doesn’t remove discrimination nor does it stop wars.

What it does do, however, is turn our weak, frightened politicians into faithful accessories to the terrorist as we watch them destroy our cities and attempt to rewrite our history. This matters!

Marian E. Murphy, Grantsburg