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Dear editor,

To our neighbors and lake-shore property owners. I am going to share our experiences with suggestions for change. When large lake-shore owners sell their land, here is what happens. In comes an out of area developer who wants to put new homes every 100 feet. We, the neighbors, want them at 300 feet. So, we get a petition signed and go to County Zoning and try to get our wish. The compromise has been 200 feet. What is going on? By State law the County budget can only be increased by new development. Where is the most development? Lake shore. Why do it that way? Give our State tax dollars, back to our counties like a COLA indexed to inflation. Our counties know best where to spend our monies wisely. Not doing this causes a local civil war. I have great empathy for our county zoning leader and all the members of the Land zoning committee. When is the lake water quality considered? This should be the first item considered before land is ever looked at. The lake we are on is on the federal Impaired Waters list. Why? Yearly measured Phosphorus and Chlorine levels, caused by run off and on a developed land, increased by a factor of five. If you also have invasive weeds, which all lakes on the Trade River chain do, you get water quality levels that drive property values down. Re-zone noticing was only published in the Sentinel. Everyone who lives on the lakeshore was blindsided.

Lake associations and where they fit in. All waterways owned by the public and lake-shore owners should be in one. Why? They are a special interest group with a focus on water quality, habitat, and safety. We have our RTLIA with two experts on the subject, Matt Berg science teacher in Grantsburg, and, Dave Blumer- LEAPS, nearby. These two specialists know everything that is needed to conserve and protect our natural resources. The only item I disagree with, is taxing lake districts which puts the burden on the local taxpayers. The State has the money. We are in a high tax state with high-risk ventures which short changes counties, towns, schools, and lake associations. We have to write a grant that justifies our needs. It looks like their goal is to put us all into poverty.

Rich Hess,

Trade Lake