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2020, what a terrible year it has been. It was a bleep-storm followed by chaos.

That is the sentiment historians will use when writing about 2020 in 100 years. That makes it four or five generations removed from the events. That’s when the best history is published, somewhat fresh but distant enough with time. Otherwise, the writers and subjects are too sensitive and close to the topic.

Historians will take a look at the news from 2020 in a variety of forms. The most fascinating thing about what historians will say about this time is what we the people were going through. 

How do historians find out people’s feelings?

In the past, up until the technology boom, letters and journals were studied by historians. 

They write: this is what George Washington wrote in a letter to his best friend; Julius Caesar had stomach cramps when he crossed the English Channel and Genghis Khan loved cheese curds - those types of phrases.

Historians in 2120 will write about the 100th anniversary in large part with content from social media. They’ll write or say: “Facebook users felt this way when lockdown began, whereas Twitter uses were experiencing this and Instagram was just ignoring it.” In the future, history will rely heavily on what the Internet was like during 2020 and what people felt and said.

Let’s take a quick trip down memory lane.

2020, woohoo! A new decade, good things are happening.

Well, that’s not great news from China, but these things have happened before.

We’re all at home - Tiger King, bread making, learning from home and Zoom meetings.

George Floyd in the news and summer unrest in cities nationwide was next. And a lot of people were talking/arguing about it on social media.

Every day began feeling the same way, oh and an election happened.

Do you even remember Tiger King? Everyone was talking about the horrendous story of big cats. That feels like it was approximately eight years ago.

Nope, it was in March.

Any way, we made it! Just a few more days and then 2021 will be on our doorstep.

Yes, we have hard times ahead. But we’ve made it this far, and we did it together.

And finally, work hard and be kind. 2021 will be better, for the most part, because it can’t get much worse.

(Knock on wood.)

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