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In ancient Rome, it was murderers, thieves and adulterers that competed in the Roman Games or what we may call today – combat sports.

In 2020, we have Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder.

As a student of history, I believe this transition has been for the better. Who wants to watch a guy on death row fight another guy on death row?

Not me.

Neither will be allowed to live, but they would gain momentary fame with the Roman people, until the next time, when they were probably fed to a lion.

On Saturday evening I stayed up late to watch a boxing match where the intent was for two men to beat the tar out of each other. It was great.

I’ve mentioned before that as I get older I am becoming more of a fan of combat sports and watching guys attempt to beat each other’s brain’s out.

So, Saturday night rolls around and I tune in to watch what was called the fight of the year.

The fight itself was not that great. Wilder did not look comfortable at all in the ring and Fury had the advantage the whole night. That lead to the technical knockout of Wilder in the seventh round. Wilder was just getting punched in the corner and was unable to throw any punches of his own.

For those unaware, Tyson Fury calls himself the Gypsy King and he can trace his heritage back to the 1800s of bare-knuckle boxers. Fury comes from a long line of bare-knuckle boxers which is one of the reasons he is so formidable in the ring.

Also, it’s nice to have another boxing world champion that is a fat guy. I will always cheer for a fat guy getting awarded something.

These two guys are nothing like the gladiators who were on display during the Roman games in the colosseum. Those men were prisoners. Tyson and Deontay were both guaranteed $25 million plus a percentage of the pay-per-view profits.

Some people would say ‘how can those men make so much money?’ But I like to think, that they’re geniuses. They get hit in the head for a living and if they’re good enough at it they can make millions - that’s the American Dream.

If invested properly, that money could create generational wealth. One could buy substantial property and start a wannabe blue blood family.

Or they could spend it on alcohol and cocaine as Tyson Fury did a few years ago.

He won the World Heavyweight Championship in Nov. 2015 and spent the next several months drinking, snorting cocaine and getting fat. Those are his words as he told them to Rolling Stone magazine.

I wonder what Augustus Caesar would have done if he saw one of his gladiators doing drugs and then walking from the Roman Colosseum with bags full of Roman gold.