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We had some lovely spring weather awhile back and y’know how every spring there seems to be an abundance of birds out and about.

As I made my daily trek to the office I was just minding my own business and these two birds met their fate. These two were intertwined (probably hanky panky reasons) and they flew directly into the front end of my car.

A sudden thud and that was sadly how those two birds met their end. I am fairy certain they were Robins.

I got to work to check out the front end of my car and everything seemed fine. But I’m no mechanic, so who knows. The Buick LeSabre drives like a boat and is designed like a tank. So it’ll be fine.

Also, my car turns 23 years old this year. It knows it’s own capabilities, right?

This isn’t our first run-in with wild animals.

Some of you might remember last year around this time when my Buick LeSabre and a deer met on a dark road somewhere between Cumberland and Siren.

There were two doe crossing the road as I was traveling about 50 mph. My initial thought was that they were perfectly spaced, and I could split the difference with my car.

I was wrong.

The first deer lived to enjoy another day but the second did not stand a chance. She stuck her head out and just blew up my headlight.

So, watch out for those mating birds as it gets warmer out. And deer – always keep an eye out for those deer.

I was lucky and there was no damage done to my Buick, but I can only imagine if it was two of those sandhill cranes.

Other Randomness

What would sports be like played in empty arenas?

The short answer is - I don’t care - I just need sports back in my life.

Every year I’ve been on this planet I have taken comfort in being able to turn on the tv between April and September to turn on a Milwaukee Brewers game.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases said that sports can come back under strict circumstances.

These include; nobody in the stands, players staying in hotels and weekly testing of players.

It’s not ideal, but it will bring us back to some sort of normalcy.

And this could be the year the Brewers head back to the World Series.

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