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What is the function of the Trade Lake Town board?

The main function is town roads, maintenance, and public safety for fire and ambulance. Land zoning is the county and the DNR controls 1000 feet from all waterways. The Town Board only can give a recommendation to the county. Individuals can give direct input to the county at their meetings. How does the town function as a board? After 20 years of interaction, they serve our town at the meets, and sometimes exceed our expectations. They are also frugal with our tax dollars. Does everyone get what they want? No. The greater good is always looked at. Going with Northland Ambulance, land re-zoning at the county level and with the lake association, were better outcomes for all of us.

What happened at the last Town Board meeting of April 14 was detestable? Two very sensitive subjects were on the agenda; a pig farm and lake buoys. Both subjects required time for information sharing. Telling, yelling and character assassination were completely inappropriate. A mob mentality to be sure. What happened? Aren’t we all neighbors? The last time we had a crisis was the tornado in 2001, when people pulled together as one.

Our local Civil War started that night. As every person is entitled to their opinion, just validate your source. The famous Russian leader Khrushchev told Americans that he would first divide us, and then concur us. Have we become Russian puppets?

What have we become when we pit neighbor against neighbor? What happened to reasoning together?

Do we really need to threaten someone to make our point? Win or lose? Every concern, crisis and story has three sides. Let’s listen first, learn, and then comment and share our opinions. It is healthy to agree to disagree, however, what do we share in common?

My dad taught me that when stinking thinking is happening, go stand around a manure pit and clear your brain as well as your nostrils, and think anew.

There is a manure pit on County “O”. All of us need to go and get refreshed as this vindictiveness needs to end before something dumb happens. Be part of the solution, not the problem. Stop this immature behavior until clearer heads prevail.

Be better neighbors. These are the ones who show up during a crisis.

Rich Hess

Trade Lake