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Dear Editor,

Executive orders aren’t mentioned in the state constitution and have only scattered references in statute with no real definition.

Madison and Milwaukee are not the State of Wisconsin. NW Wisconsin is very rural and our Town Chairmen, Village Presidents, and or City Mayors are the closest to the people. Why didn’t you ask or survey them?

Your virus order to sequester the whole state, has the effect of corporal punishment. Historically it has been used on adults, particularly on prisoners and enslaved people. Send people back to work and the children back to school ASAP.

Characteristics of Effective Leaders.

Leaders, “Listen” to those they serve for both content and emotion. Leaders, “Evaluate” what is heard to weigh its importance and priority. Leaders, “Advocate” for those they serve, and also survey them. Leaders, “Decide” what is in the best interest of all, at any given time. Leaders, “Excite” their groups to follow-through. Leaders, “Results” are shared with all. Good communicators, use all forms of media to get their points across.

How About Leadership

S = Serve by, H= Helping,

I= Improve, P= People’s lives.

All of Wisconsin deserves a better leader.

Rich Hess, Trade Lake