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“In the year 3535 / Ain’t gonna need to tell the truth, tell no lies / Everything you think, do and say / Is in the pill you took today” lyric, “In the Year 2525” Zagar and Evans, 1969

I am not a fan of random speculation pertaining to the future. I prefer history (written mostly by the winners) over speculating on the future.

My boss often explains his thoughts on the future and his affinity for flying cars.

“They promised us flying cars, Jonathan,” he has explained to me on numerous occasions. “It was on the Jetsons and we were promised these things.”

“Where are the flying cars?” What a wonderful question.

When I was young there were a few things I was hopeful for in the future; flying and driverless cars, eating a single pill and being satisfied as if you ate an entire meal, and communicating with animals.

This is what I was hoping for by the time I was an adult. I am now (checks watch) an adult and these things have not yet arrived on my doorstep.

Most of my hypotheses centered around episodes of TV, like “The Simpsons.”

There’s an episode of the show where Homer Simpson becomes a truck driver after a steak eating contest ends with the death of a trucker. Homer takes over the dead trucker’s delivery and he falls asleep and the truck drives itself until he wakes up in the morning.

Funny side note – my brothers and I love this episode. There is one scene where Homer buys pep pills, sleeping pills and gummy bears at a store. He is driving down the road when the sleeping pills begin to take over and he gets drowsy, but then the pep pills perk him back up again. The pep pills keep him awake and the sleeping ones don’t and in this scene he goes back and forth until he eventually falls asleep at the wheel.

Later in the episode Homer and his son, Bart, are lounging on the hood of a semi-truck while it was speeding down the freeway. Then Homer yells at worried drivers on the road that the truck is, in fact, driving itself. This enrages the other truck drivers and the episode concludes with a showdown between Homer and the truckers.

So, for years I thought it was great to have cars that drive themselves until you realize that a machine is in total control as you go speeding down the highway with limited or no control of the vehicle.

What do young people now think about the future? What do you think about the future?

Is it flying cars they’ll be interested in? Or is it simpler than that, like kids just wanting clean air and water when they grow up?

In the immediate future I’d like some more rain to fall on Australia to stop the rampant wildfires that have killed up to one billion animals.