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new aspect to my job is sports photography. I grew up wanting to be a sports reporter and cover the Milwaukee Brewers year-round, so this is something I’ve been hoping to do my whole life.

On Friday night I was south of the border in Polk County for the Siren versus Luck football game.

Luck went into the game scoring at least 70 points in each of their games leading up to Friday night. So, it was not a big surprise that it took the Cardinals only 10 seconds to score their first touchdown and won the game handily.

I was having flashbacks to the last time I was at a high school football game. I had forgotten all of those things dads and other guys say at the game like, “Do you want a beer out there ref? If you’re just gonna stand out there and watch the game. Maybe with some popcorn.” Or the classic, “Hey, there’s some laundry on the field,” whenever a penalty flag is thrown.

That was a fun aspect of my job, now for one of the boring aspects.

I was sitting at a meeting about the county’s annual budget last week when this conversation occurred. There was a little down time in the meeting and while my gaze was focused on the ceiling and a yawn was feeling his eyes upon me. 

“You have a pretty boring job, don’t ya?”

“I guess you could say that.”

Everyone in the vicinity seemed surprised by the question as much as my response. 

Another person chimed in.

“Sitting at this meeting just to get this much in the paper,” as they put their pointer finger and thumb about an inch apart. 

“Yeah, about 150 words.”

Then back to the original question asker.

“Do you get paid by the word?”

“Nope.” That response resulted in a couple of chuckles from people nearby.

“Are you hourly? Salary? How do you get paid?”

“I’m on salary.”

“Oh, that sucks. I used to (inaudible).”

“Oh yeah, you don’t have to tell me twice.”

I often tell people the reason for me leaving the city to come up here is because I was offered a salary in an industry that I was formerly not making a living as a freelance reporter. It’s much better to get a paycheck every other week instead of writing an article and then getting paid 45 days later.

The title of this column refers to English photographer Robert Whitaker, who gained fame taking pictures of The Beatles including the infamous butcher cover for the album ‘Yesterday and Today.’ Then later in his career he photographed the band Cream and Salvator Dali. 

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