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Last week I got to sit at the table for a meeting at the Government Center and not just in the crowd, I was in the important seats.

I gotta tell ya, there is some power sitting in those chairs. The seats are also reclinable, which is fantastic for my back issues. I could get used to those chairs. But I can’t let it get to my head.

Why was the editor in those chairs? Great question. I was appointed last year to the LEPC (Local Emergency Planning Committee.) This is the group along that handled the flooding in the northern part of the County last summer after the Radigan Flowage dam failed.

I even got my name (misspelled) in the official Burnett County Directory after I was approved by the full County Board as the media representative.

Who knows? Maybe one day in the distant future after I retire, I’ll run for one of those seats.

Internet rabbit holes

Do you ever see something online, then start clicking around and all of a sudden you’re learning about where certain birds live and their digestive tracts?

I saw a video of a crane eating an entire fish whole. The original caption of the video described “a crane eating its prey whole.” It looks like a ten-pound catfish that the skinny-leg bird gets a good grip of with its beak and then just cocks its head back and the fish just slides easily down the birds’ throat.

As I went through the comments of the video I was like a student learning all these different types of cranes as random people speculating on what kind of crane it was. Then someone commented it was a heron. Then another person suggested it was a reddish egret.

But turns out they were all wrong when the president of the Toronto Ornithological Club said it was, in fact, a goliath heron. Apparently, these birds are known for doing this. It must be horrible to not be able to hang out and chew your meal.

The real kicker and the reason I have begun enjoying comment sections is that later in the comments someone, clearly after my heart, referenced Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

“It looks like it could probably carry coconut halves to the British Isles.”

In the film, instead of real horses, the characters galavant across the English countryside tapping coconuts together to simulate the sounds of horses trotting. Great movie, check it out if you have some time to laugh at a movie, however, it doesn’t have a great ending.

And finally, this week marks my second full year at the Sentinel. Thanks to all that have been supportive of me since I started this job!

Gotta question? Gotta tip? It’s easy to contact me, give me a call at 715-463-2341 or shoot me an email -

See ya next week.

Jonathan Richie is the editor of the Burnett County Sentinel.