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Do me a favor and reset/change your passwords regularly. All of them.

Some of you may have gotten an email from my email account earlier this week. It came from, and stated the Sentinel was working on a new project. It contained an allegedly encrypted file. When the receiver clicked the link, they were asked to enter their email and password.

This message was probably sent to thousands of people and I found out about it while I was at a company meeting in Amery.

Recipients were never shown this new project, and from what I understand were just sent back to the login page. It doesn’t appear to have been a virus, but a phishing email intended to gather personal information. If you were one of the people that clicked the link, I apologize. Again, please reset all your passwords.

I ended up spending my entire Friday waiting for an anti-virus program to scan my computer to make sure there was nothing else suspicious on it and then our IT guy went through everything again. Then our IT guy continued to do more tech things to solve the problem.

See, even us millennials get fooled and click the wrong thing from time to time and screw everything up.

A friend of mine told me about an article she read recently saying those of us born between 1985-1995 are the “best type of millennials” – her words, not mine – because we have grown up with this abundance of technology but have lived without it.

I did not have a cellphone until my junior year of high school.

I always tell people, “yes, I can grab a device or open a program and putz around with it or do some clicking and figure it out within a few minutes.” It comes in handy when trying to explain FaceTime to my grandma, or explaining any number of technology concerns my mother might be dealing with.

These scammers are going after our phones as well. How many of you get those phone calls from random numbers saying they have “important information regarding your car’s warranty”?

I would assume it’s most of us. Well, the FTC has gotten millions of reports on those calls and recently came out and said billions of those calls have been made in the last few months and that number is only increasing.

And finally, please change all your passwords and never type your password into a website if you are already logged in. These scammers are getting better and more sophisticated with each day.

If in doubt, delete the message or don’t answer the call. If it is legitimate, they will leave a message or resend the message.

And if I had a new project to share with you, I probably wouldn’t encrypt the file.

Your time is valuable. Don’t waste it on these idiots.