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Dear Editor,

How lucky you are to be reading this in your hometown newspaper! I live in New Richmond, WI. Our newspaper was purchased by a larger corporation years ago and wouldn’t you know they did not think they could pay their stockholders enough money to keep it operating. So now we don’t have a local paper. Let me tell you it is a terrible thing to lose your newspaper. Relying on Facebook to keep track of church events and funerals, school sports, and how folks are doing is not reliable or comforting. But that is reality without a local newspaper.

In the April 29 edition, Tom Stangl wrote an editorial asking for support for the idea of tax relief for subscribers and advertisers of newspapers. Businesses need tax breaks now to stay afloat. Tom and the association his paper belongs to want the government to help keep small papers like your communities’ in business. You can help him save your paper. Regular people like us need to write letters to Senator Baldwin and Senator Johnson.

Send letters to leaders in congress.

You can do more. Buy a gift subscription of this paper for someone who doesn’t buy one for themselves. Buy a subscription if you are in the habit of just picking it up once in a while. Subscription numbers help attract bigger advertisers that keep the paper healthier. Just don’t lose your paper folks. It is like having part of your community identity taken away.

Dan Hansen

New Richmond, WI