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Spring officially starts next Wednesday. Yeah, sure it does.

Remember last year when frost was over 6 feet deep and we got a blizzard in April? I was driving home from Pinko Jam thinking – “It really is happening, a blizzard in April.”

Spring sports are supposed to be starting soon, which means a lot of baseball will be played in area gymnasiums for the foreseeable future. Grantsburg has their first track meet scheduled for March 26. So, athletic directors across the region will inevitably be scrambling to reschedule meets, games, and invitationals.

At my house, there is about 18 inches of snow and in some spots the drift is about a foot higher, but nobody wants to hear about that.

I should note I am writing on Tuesday while forecasts are coming in saying we are supposed to get up to 40 degrees and rainy conditions for almost three straight days.

All indicators look like we are going to have a couple of really wet weeks. So teams will practice inside and wait for it to dry.

If high school sports are not up your alley, how about professional sports.

I was having a conversation with a lifelong Minnesota sports fan the other day. I run into a lot of them up here, which is making more and more sense to me every day. Up here there is more access to the Twin Cities teams than the Milwaukee Brewers or Bucks. However, I do understand not wanting to root for the Vikings.

He told me the Timberwolves and Twins have not had many bright spots over the last 15 years except Joe Mauer. How do Twins fans feel not having Mauer on the team?

This will be the first year since 2004 the Twins won’t have No. 7 reporting for spring training. Mauer retired last year after an impressive 15-year career all with the Twins. In that time he was elected to six all-star teams, won three gold gloves, five silver slugger awards, and was the American League MVP in 2009. A truly great career.

But I am ecstatic for the upcoming Milwaukee Brewers season. Last year the team made it all the way to the National League Championship series, where they lost in seven games to the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Some of you may recall I demanded the Brewers fire their manager Craig Counsell last year, but after that phenomenal season I have decided to walk that back and let him stay for another year.

And finally, Milwaukee - “it’s the only major American city to have ever elected three socialist mayors,” Alice Cooper said that in Wayne’s World. Earlier this week Milwaukee was selected to host the 2020 National Democratic Convention.

Way to really lean into that one Dems.

Jonathan Richie is the editor of the Burnett County Sentinel. He can be reached at 715-463-2341 or by email at