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Well, there certainly isn’t much going on in the world right now to write about. But I guess I’ll have to give it a try.

It’s nice that even in a pandemic, we are still having a summer – the weather was excellent this weekend nice and cool, then it’s set to get hot and sticky this week. I’ll have to put my window a/c unit in soon before it becomes uncomfortable.

Also going on this weekend, I saw a bunch of conspiracy theories related to a vaccine for COVID-19.

These conspiracy theories combine terrifying stories of what will happen when the vaccine is released. Some say the vaccine will kill anyone who gets it while others say it will include a microchip with 5G network capabilities. The chip will also be able to track your every step, so Big Brother knows where you are at all times.

The thought of having a microchip embedded underneath my skin that will allow the government to track my every movement is a little scary. But is it that much of a stretch?

Any time we add an app on our phone and we scroll through the licensing mumbo jumbo of the app and then quickly hit the agreement button and you don’t know what you just signed away.

The government already knows where I am at any given time.

But if these conspiracy theories are correct, I’m okay with it.

I will save a bunch on my monthly internet bill. If the government sticks a microchip in my neck with 5G capabilities, that would be fine with me.

Classic two birds with one stone scenario. I will save on wi-fi and will no longer have to worry about getting the virus.

Especially if you see how much of our lives revolve around the Internet and our use of it.

Also, I’m not that interesting. So, what can the government learn about my movements?

That I go to the grocery store twice a week or that I spend a lot of time at home on my couch?

I’d hate to be the guy who has to write THAT report.

State Fairs

Both Minnesota and Wisconsin have officially canceled their prospective state fairs. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel released a video shot by a drone simply flying over the empty Wisconsin State Fairgrounds in West Allis. It made me a little sad; seeing the empty grounds, knowing the cream puff building will remain empty and that stand I would always buy my funnel cake won’t be open.

That’s right – most of my State Fair memories revolve around food. I’m glad that 4-H rules will be changed so exhibitors will get another year to present the projects they have been working so hard on over the past year.

So, let’s all be safe and smart during these times so we can go back to stuffing our faces at state fairs and other large gatherings.