It’s 2018. A large majority of my generation does not care for commercials. We simply don’t have time for them. We have Netflix, TV on demand, and all media is free without commercials if you know the back channels of the internet.

There is a reason the MASH series finale had 121 million viewers in 1983. There were not nearly as many options for what to watch.

Anyway, nobody wants to hear me talk about my generation. (I could go on for hours about Hawkeye, Trapper and martinis, but we will save that for another time.)

The Super Bowl is the only thing on television - the ONLY thing - that we watch when we cannot afford to miss the commercials.

“I’ll go to the bathroom and get snacks during the game or halftime show,” most will say.

NBC was charging upwards of $5 million for 30 seconds of air time, so somebody may have lost $2.5 million when the screen went blank for 15 seconds during the second quarter

I was not excited for Justin Timberlake and for good reason, he’s a retread for the halftime show. In an ideal world, they would have Chicago playing the halftime show (Chicago, originally the Chicago Transit Authority, is probably in the top five of American bands of all time.)

Also, it’s insane that Janet Jackson took all the blame for the wardrobe malfunction in 2004.

It would have been great if Jay-Z would perform, but that didn’t happen.

But they sign Timberlake because after he brought sexy back, he took some time off and is now making tunes with Chris Stapleton. His performance seemed underwhelming to me, but I digress.

Here are the top commercials from the Super Bowl and thanks to YouTube (powered by Google) we can enjoy these commercials for an entire week before they get stale and we forget about them.

The best commercial of the evening was the Doritos one with Peter Dinklage lip syncing to Busta Rhymes promoting some “blaze” chips. Then it continued with Morgan Freeman lip syncing to Missy Elliott about Mt. Dew. It had everything you want in a Super Bowl commercial; star-power, humor and tension.

The Tide ads were interesting. I cannot believe they didn’t have a PSA about not eating Tide Pods, but I guess that doesn’t fit with their brand.

Like always, there were too many movie trailers and television show promos. The added twist was all of the Olympic spots .

Lastly, I enjoyed the game. Much more scoring than anyone anticipated. But the real star of the game was the offensive linemen for both teams. There were no sacks going into the fourth quarter. It just so happened that the only sack was a turnover and was huge for the Eagles win.

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