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Dear editor,

Rural votes don’t count. “The closer you get to the tallest buildings the more one sided they vote,” was once said and there is a lot of truth to it. Looking at most states including Wisconsin you will see cities control the elections. Thankfully our founding fathers saw this and instituted the Electoral College to level the playing field for Presidential Elections. State wide elections in Wisconsin are controlled by a handful of areas like Madison, Milwaukee and Superior. These heavily populated areas have a large percentage of our state’s roughly 5.5 million people. To make elections for Statewide offices and initiatives fair a type of the Electoral College system needs to be implemented. Wisconsin has 99 State Representatives and 33 State Senators or 132 people or districts representing us. To win a statewide election or to pass a statewide initiative the candidate or statewide measure must be passed by 51% of the districts. I am proud to live in “flyover country” where common sense prevails but am tired of having my vote not count.

One National Political Party is publicly trying to abolish the Electoral College system for electing our president and you can see why.

Mark Pettis, Webster