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This is another in the Richie Bros. Gang series, where I tell a funny story from years ago.

The year was 2000-something and it must have been the late summer and school shopping was well underway.

Matthew, Jonathan and Joshua Richie would travel like a pack of wolves when out in the world. One of us would be out in front with another in the back and Joshua would usually just wander around aimlessly until he was needed to try on a pair of shoes or we were leaving.

We were known as the Richie Bros. Gang

We were always a rowdy bunch; trying to outdo each other with humor, violence and I would specialize in simply being loud and obnoxious. People around us knew this and we used it to our advantage.

Our mother hated it, but I thought it was amazing.

Like one time, I saw another mother with her son and I was acting up. This other mother got a look at my mom and gave us both a side glance. I knew this infuriated my mom and as she was getting aggravated and the other mother would not stop staring so I said, “Other ladies can’t push your cart Mom!”

Then I did the slow turn of the head and made direct contact with the other mother. She quickly fled the scene.

So, on this August afternoon, we were shopping for clothes at the Kohl’s Department Store. It was the four of us, as it usually was in those days, Mom and the three hell-raisers were looking for shirts. While we were occupied looking for new clothes another family walked past us, and I heard that mother (a different one than the mother I glared at) say, “Look at how well-behaved those boys are.”

That was all I needed, the whole family heard her, and all of a sudden, we were the poster kids for proper store etiquette.

We walked around the store like royalty after that.

It faded away pretty quickly because after Kohl’s we stopped at Burger King and Joshua said something to Matthew or Matthew said something to me.

That’s when the fertilizer hit the fan. Somebody threw a punch and it all went downhill from there.

Mom yelled at us the whole way home but, like always, we deserved it.

There was another time when a family friend noted how nice and well-behaved we were at a family gathering in Pennsylvania. Then she died the next week, but at least she got to see children act well-mannered.

Next time on Richie Bros. Gang

I’ll share with you a couple of ‘get rich quick schemes’ I tried to get my brothers to help me with, so I would never have to work a day in my life.

Spoiler alert – it did not work out for me in the end.

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