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Negative 5 degrees Fahrenheit.

That is the temperature it was according to a gentleman I spoke to at the gas station Tuesday morning. It makes sense on Monday night it felt like we were in the middle of January. The snow has flown and the ground is frozen. It’s winter in Wisconsin, people. It’s already here.

And for me that means TV season.

Anybody out there like combat sports? The UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) or MMA (mixed martial arts) are basically sports where two adults beat the living crap out of each other. I was not a fan of it until Jorge Masvidal had the fastest knockout in the sport. Masvidal hit Ben Askren with a flying knee and he was out cold about six seconds after the opening bell rang. Askren graduated from Arrowhead High School which is my neck of the woods in the southeast pocket of Wisconsin.

A little backstory on Arrowhead High School. It’s in Hartland, WI and we were raised to believe that’s where a lot of money was. Hartland is allegedly where all the bigwig lawyers, surgeons and hedge fund managers live. They had a field house before anybody else and their student parking lot looked like a used luxury call lot that didn’t take any vehicle over a year old. 

Our middle school wrestling team had to go to Arrowhead once for a match. I was never going to be a state champ but I was pretty good. Also, I was in peak physical form for eighth grade, so I was fairly confident in my abilities.

I had a match that evening so I’m getting in the mood listening to heavy metal, which I only listened to when thinking I need to bash some heads in. Anyway, the match did not go well. I was wrestling but my opponent was playing football. So, he bull rushed me out of the ring three times and every time I slammed against the hard basketball floor. I should have won by disqualification, but the ref was an idiot. 

Doctors have told me my back/hip problems most likely originate from this event, so, if anyone from Hartland or Arrowhead is reading this – kick rocks. 

What I am trying to say is, when someone from Arrowhead High School loses, I win. Although, every year they have a fundraiser for their special education department where they serve steak and lobster. 

(That’s right the richest school in the area has a fundraiser, that is incredibly helpful to the students, that serves lobster.)

Back to combat sports, I enjoy them and I know I will never ever want to step into the octagon. Although, as a kid I always thought it would be cool to do battle in a steel cage death match. It just seems to be the best way to settle a dispute and is much more satisfying than a duel like gentleman used to have in the olden days.