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Over the last almost three years, I have learned a lot. One of the first things is there are people in Wisconsin that openly root for the Vikings.

Where I grew up, that could get you shot.

But here you are, showing your true colors. And good for you, it’s not often people purposely tie themselves to a losing horse for an entire lifetime.

The Vikings also have Kirk Cousins, who has the most morbid lawn ornament by his front door.

Have you heard about this?

In 2018, Cousins had 720 rocks placed in a tube near the front door of his house. He removes one stone every month to represent a month in his life.

Go ahead, read that sentence again.

He plans on living to the age of 90 and when he reaches that age, the rocks will all be gone.

If I were a kid in that neighborhood, I would be a jerk and steal a rock every couple of months.

I can only imagine an 87-year-old Cousins going out to his front yard on November 1, 2075, and taking out the last rock. He stands on the porch and says, “That guy had one job! Put enough rocks in here to last until I’m 90!”

Then he goes into the house and complains about it to his wife.

You might be wondering why is this guy going on and on about this thing he hates?

Because this week, I discovered that 93-year-old Bud Grant is an NBA champion.

The Los Angeles Lakers won the NBA Championship Sunday night and I couldn’t stop imagining current Bud Grant running around the court in the NBA bubble winning that game with Lebron James on his team.

Did you know that Grant sat on the bench during the 1950 season when the Minneapolis Lakers won the NBA Championship against the Syracuse Nationals?

So, Grant gets drafted in 1950 by the Lakers and the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFL draft.

This guy is like a modern-day Patrick Mahomes, Deon Sanders, or John Elway. But instead of baseball and football, it was basketball and football.

Grant played two years in the NBA, got his ring and moved onto football for the 1951 NFL season. This guy is so old he led the team in sacks that year with ten, before sacks are an official stat.

(That’s another column, we’ve got baseball stats from the 1870’s but no defensive stats in football until the 1980s.)

Grant went on to coach in the Canadian Football League and then got a job with the Vikings as their second head coach in 1967. He stayed there for almost 20 years and never won a Super Bowl despite going to four in eight years. Grant still has the highest winning percentage of the franchise’s 10 coaches.

Lucky for him — from the mid-’60s to the Brett Favre era — the Packers were a garbage team.

So, out of respect of Cousins, I’ve put four rocks on my kitchen table and every month I’ll take one outside until I turn 30.