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Dear Editor,

I grew up raiding candy from my grandparents’ Ben Franklin in Grantsburg. My grandmother, Pat Carey, welcomed me with a hug, and then I’d wait anxiously for my grandpa, Bill, to finish work so we could go fishing on Little Wood Lake. Throughout my life, I returned to Wood River Township for family visits. My wife and I bought a cabin in 2012 and built our home on Big Wood Lake a few years later.

I spent most of my adult life building my accounting firm where I worked with hundreds of business owners, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations. I managed two dozen employees at the firm’s peak size. I am skilled in taxes, budgeting, forecasting, organizational planning, formation, and procedure. I sold my company, and now I want to use my skills to give back to the community that helped raise me.

We need to improve our township’s communication and keep our residents informed. Some old but important ordinances have been forgotten; I want to make them readily available in an online library. I hope to help make sure the Town of Wood River is financially stable by keeping residents informed about how pending township decisions would impact their taxes.

We should consider adopting zoning ordinances acceptable to residents. Currently, we are at the mercy of the State and a 7-member committee of the County Board. Zoning should protect farms and forestry lands from unwise development. We need to preserve those lands to protect our major industry, Burnett Dairy Cooperative. Zoning should also protect our lakes and wetlands. These issues should be discussed with Wood River Township residents so we can protect our quality of life.

My opposition to the current plan for an RV park at the former Wood Lake Bible Camp is based on fear of the consequences. It would be wonderful to keep the Baptist camp without polluting it with 52 to 150 RV sites that would destroy the lake with phosphorous runoff. If this RV park is built, it would make Big Wood Lake too busy for Wood River residents, who would find themselves being driven away from favorite fishing spots by camp customers unaccustomed to our quiet, neighborly manner. Fishing and boating won’t be the same with a marina full of pontoons and boats for rent.

Communication is key. We need an open, welcoming chairperson. We need a person to represent all of us. I would love that chance. When you go to vote April 2, please write-in my name, Ron Burg, for Township Chairperson.

Ron Burg

Town of Wood River