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Dear editor,

As Chief of Police for the Village of Siren, I am charged with the responsibility of keeping our community safe. Throughout my twenty-eight year law enforcement career, I have witnessed our state’s need to strengthen the rights of Wisconsin crime victims, who often find themselves lost, forgotten, or trampled on by the court system. I know to keep Siren and all of Wisconsin’s communities safe, we must strengthen the rights of these victims so they know when they come forward to report a crime, someone will be in their corner.

That’s why I’m proud to be a supporter of Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin, bipartisan legislation to amend our state Constitution and give victims of crime equal rights in our legal system. Made up of common sense provisions to ensure crime victims are empowered throughout the legal process, this bipartisan legislation would strengthen the rights of victims, ensure criminals are held accountable, and help to make all of our communities safe.

The over 500 bipartisan co-sponsors of Marsy’s Law have made great strides in the effort to strengthen the rights of crime victims. Last session, Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin was approved by a strong bipartisan vote of 110-14. This bipartisan effort has gained even more momentum in 2019. In January, Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin was introduced for second consideration and approved by Senate and Assembly committees after receiving a joint public hearing where a powerful array of voices from survivors and advocates to law enforcement and legal experts testified in favor of this bipartisan legislation.

I encourage you to join me in supporting this bipartisan proposal to help keep our communities and our state safe. I’m asking our local legislators to finish the job by passing Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin once more in the Senate and Assembly so the people of Wisconsin can have their own say on this Constitutional Amendment. Visit https://www.equalrightsforwi.com/message to learn more about this bipartisan effort and to send a message of support for Assembly Joint Resolution 1/Senate Joint Resolution 2.


Christopher Sybers

Chief of Police